From the recording Throw Your TV In The Pool

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Greg Paul Stone – Vocals, guitar
Bethan Nodwell – Vocals
Anouk Gregoire – Vocals
Rod Fotheringham – Piano
Marc Decho – Bass
Bruce Cawdron - Percussion

Written by Gregory Paul Stone [SOCAN]
Copyright © Gregory Paul Stone 2016


Sing Song Holly rose in the night
In the space ‘tween the dream and the light
In the space ‘tween the flyer and the kite

String those thoughts in delicate rhymes
In good time you will go out to find
That the dream is a rhyme with in a rhyme

Bring those tired bones to the fire
Let it glow let it breath and inspire
Let it show let it be for us tonight

Sing of glory days gone by
When the light of the world it did shine
Just for us and will live on in my mind

Fling those cautions to the wind
Let it in let it bustle and bite
Let it blow us to kingdom come tonight

Don’t go softly into the night
Make it burn make it shine on in spite
Of the darkness in the air tonight

Copyright © Gregory Paul Stone 2012