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Honey Took The Money

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Composed by Gregory Paul Stone [SOCAN] Copyright © 2014


I threw the baby with the bath water and said goodbye to that town
Went looking for the funky people they’re the ones who wanna get down I nursed that wreck up across the state line
Find a little honey gonna have a good time
Well I got more chicken than KFC
The whole cell block will be proud of me
I catch a little speed and the madness begins Honey starts a stick up and I jump right in But Honey had some other plans I found out Honey took the money and ratted me out
I ain’t one to go down without a fight
It took six of ‘em to get me in the squad car that night If I wasn’t on parole I probably would’ve lied
If I wasn’t on the come down I probably would’ve tried I’ll catch another long stretch there’s no doubt
‘Cause Honey took the money and ratted me out
Copyright © 2012 Gregory Paul Stone [SOCAN]