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The Legend Of The Pom Pom Kid

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Written by Greg Paul Stone © 2012

Greg Paul Stone - Vocals, guitars, drums, percussion
Rod Fotheringham - Organ
Marc Decho - Bass
Bethan Nodwell - Backing vocals

A tough groove for a tough place; the schoolyard, where a new kid is picked on and lashes out. That's when the rumours start and a legend is born, the Legend of the Pom Pom Kid.


There’s a new kid in the yard today
I saw him with Miss Hathaway
Looked jumpy was a nervous cat
And sitting on his head was a pom pom hat
Don’t you ever touch his hat or
Quick as you can blink you’ll be on your back
He’s studied in Karate they said
Don’t mix it, mix it with the pom pom kid

Don’t mess up with the Pom Pom Kid
Like Bobby Boy Loranco did
Bobby Boy can hold his own
But the kid’s got a mean streak hard as stone
I heard he learned to fight in jail
When his momma wouldn’t pony up with the bail
The cops couldn’t make it stick
Don’t mix it, mix it with the Pom Pom Kid

I heard his parents died in a crash
When the plane they were flying simply ran out of gas
Funny how the last thing they did
Was mix it with the Pom Pom Kid
The kid’s got a rep don’t you know
And a list of arrests as long as your arm
But no convictions they said
Don’t mix it, mix it with the Pom Pom Kid

The girls stare when he goes by
The boys won’t look him in the eye
I wonder if he really did
All the things I heard about the Legend of the Pom Pom Kid

I went up to the kid today
Asked him if he could explain
Why he got such a bad rap
& why he’s always wearing that pom pom hat
It was all lies don’t you know
‘Cept his parents really died and the pain did show
Like the scar on his head
From the crash that created the Legend of the Pom Pom Kid

Copyright © 2012 Gregory Paul Stone [APRA]