1. Hard Times


Drums – Jeff Asselin
Bass – Mat Falvai
Piano/Hammond organ – Rod Fotheringham
Percussion – Bruce Cawdron
Guitar/vocals – Greg Paul Stone
Backing vocals – Anouk Gregoire/Bethan Nodwell

Recorded at Metropolitan Studio, Ottawa
Engineered by Jason Jaknunas
Produced by Greg Paul Stone
All musical arrangements by Greg Paul Stone
Mastering by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio, Chelsea, QC
Artwork by Greg Paul Stone and Alison Scott
All songs written by Greg Paul Stone [SOCAN] except The Dark Machine – written by Greg Paul Stone and Rod Fotheringham
Copyright © Gregory Paul Stone 2020

Hard Times goes out to all people fighting for their freedom. Freedom from the oppression of corrupt regimes, systemic racism and bigotry. It is for those who risk their safety and their very lives for the right to protest authoritarian rule.
Back in 2011 there were riots in Vancouver over a hockey game.(1) Amongst the furor, a young man shielded his terrified girlfriend on the ground from the tear gas and surging crowds. Photographer, Rich Lam was there shooting the melee and when he saw the couple, took an instant classic.(2)
That incredible photo inspired this song but the song is not about that photo. It merely caused me to consider what the story might be here. What are they feeling?
The impact of that photo has since been eclipsed by heartbreaking scenes at protests around the world. My fist is raised in solidarity with those who strive for a fairer, cleaner and more peaceful world.
May you prevail and win the rights and freedoms you so richly deserve.
(1)Canadians are so relaxed and easy going that it's difficult to imagine rioting happening here unless you're unfamiliar with Canada's love of ice hockey. When it comes to hockey, Canada is ready to rumble.
(2) https://richardlamphoto.ca