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Drums – Jeff Asselin
Bass – Mark Decho
Piano/organ – Rod Fotheringham
Percussion – Bruce Cawdron
Guitar – Greg Paul Stone
Vocals – Mat Falvai/Anouk Gregoire/Bethan Nodwell

Mat Falvai shares vocal duties on Home with Anouk and Bethan. He has such a great voice! Mat had already stepped in to play bass on some of the tracks so it seemed only natural that he come and sing on a song.
Anouk's angelic voice and Bethan's earthiness are also on fine display here.



The open road calling me.
Leads you here straight to me.
Darkened eyes now can see.
I'm coming home.
If the road that you travel is winding and long come into my arms and I'll carry you home.
Back to the place where you know that you and I belong.
I'm coming home.
My only love across the sea.
Bring me near so I can be whole again.
Hear my plea.
If you're broken and weary and over it all hold onto my hand if you stumble and fall.
Come to the place where you know you and I stand tall.
I'm coming home.
The open road calling me leads you here straight to me.
Darkened eyes now can see I'm coming home.