1. For Your Love
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Drums – Jeff Asselin
Bass – Mat Falvai
Fender Rhodes/Hammond organ – Rod Fotheringham
Xylophone – Bruce Cawdron
Guitar/vocals/synth – Greg Paul Stone
Backing vocals – Anouk Gregoire/Bethan Nodwell

There was a period of time for 5 years or so that I didn't really write much music. I was still playing music but mostly working as a sideman in other people's bands. Also I had a young child so I guess I was focused on other things. For Your Love was written during this time. It came out almost fully formed in one short session so I guess that's how it survived my “apathetic period”.
The synthesiser part at the start of each verse was a suggestion from Jason to help fill the gap between vocal lines. He has a large collection of analogue synths so we plugged one in and I found that little counter-melody using the pitch bend joystick. It wasn't planned but I can't imagine the song without it now.



In the darkest part of my mind I replay the scene every night.
Where was I to go? No way to turn.
Not the kind of way I like to burn for your love.
In the bathroom mirror I can recall the ten thousand tears that have dripped the walls.
There are twists that I cannot uncurl like the scars I hide from the world for your love.
And the world keeps on turning.
And the stars keep on burning.
Must I always be yearning for your love?
I know what you’d do if you were here.
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
Now the Tanqueray, the crimson pool.
I have always been a bloody fool for your love.