1. Up Is Down
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Drums – Jeff Asselin
Violin – Veronique Turcotte
Marimba, bell – Bruce Cawdron
Sousaphone/turkey baster – Brian Sanderson
Piano – Rod Fotheringham
Banjo/guitar/tongue drum/slapstick – Greg Paul Stone

I really love writing musical arrangements and I'm fascinated by the intricacies of putting together all of the moving parts of a score to create something delicately balanced. It's like a marvellous puzzle that reveals itself as you work on it.
I also like music that takes you somewhere. A journey to a new place, out of the ordinary. Where you can feel the air of a scene and a picture emerges.
Up Is Down is something of a showcase for Veronique Turcotte on violin and Bruce Cawdron on marimba. This is a challenging piece of music to perform. It has constantly shifting key centres and the melodies are full of twists. Veronique and Bruce's work here is excellent.