1. Sweet Love
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Drums – Jeff Asselin
Bass – Mark Decho
Piano/Lowry organ – Rod Fotheringham
Percussion – Bruce Cawdron
Guitar/vocals – Greg Paul Stone
Backing vocals – Anouk Gregoire/Bethan Nodwell
Being Australian, I have a cultural propensity for slang. Australian slang is complex and drawn from many roots but quite unique in its own way. There are rules and everything! For further reading on this, check out The Macquarie Australian Slang Dictionary. Just the terms for Speedos alone are worth the price of admission. Budgie Smugglers anyone?
I don't remember how I came across it, probably some trashy Buzzfeed article, but when I saw a list of slang terms for masturbation, I was intrigued and a little grossed out. How had I not heard all of these before? Why do we need so many?
I started wondering if there was a silly song here and if there was a song in it, what is the story? There are terms for both men and women so its only natural that there would be two characters but what is the story? Why are they saying these ridiculous things?
These questions led me to the world of dating/hook up apps like Tinder and the various ways relationships play out in their early stages.
I've never used a dating app but it seemed like a plausible scenario that a single man might try and use almost any angle necessary to achieve “booty call” status with a potential lover.
I didn't want to make some grand statement. I just wanted to make a fun, stupid song so I went ahead with it, making sure that the deluded guy is literally begging. So unattractive; am I right ladies?