1. Disinfo-Nation
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Narrator – George Putnam
Bass (part 1) – Jason Jaknunas
Keyboards/bass (part 2) – Greg Paul Stone
Drums – Dr. Phatt
What can I say about Disinfo-Nation? As a song, it's a contradiction. It's absurd and true at the same time...
It started harmlessly enough. Whilst searching for useful stock footage for another project I stumbled across Perversion for Profit, an American public domain propaganda film so grotesque in it's vilification of anyone outside of the 1950s picket fence lifestyle dream that I immediately knew I had to parody this in a way that retained the shock of viewing the original film.(1)
“That's why they call it the American Dream,
because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
- George Carlin
Perversion For Profit has the strangest disconnect. At once railing against LGBTQ and outsider culture and yet glorifying it by delving into sordid detail with a little too much glee. Methinks thou doth protest too much Mr. Putnam...
What better way to parody such preposterous self-righteousness than to turn the narrator's words against him? He's full of shit anyway.
I had always wanted to do a cut up project like William Burroughs or Brion Gysin, so I whittled the 45 minute screed down to something more entertaining that still sent a somewhat confused message.
It's kind of funny watching the original movie. It was made so long ago (1965) that most people nowadays no longer care about the supposed evils the film rails against. If this guy saw the internet, his head would explode!
This whole “song” is a fabrication. The words are a dead man saying the opposite of what he intended. The drums are fake. The synths are, well...synthesised. JJ's bass is the only real thing here.
So if you're sitting there wondering... What's the deal with this song? Is Greg into bondage or something? No. It's not about that.
It's about how people's words can be turned against them. It's about disinformation; shiny and attractive on the surface but rotten underneath. Created deliberately to make you question the truth and inflame conflict and division. Propaganda is used everyday by an ever growing list of mouthpieces and the stakes have never been higher. Educate yourself. Be tolerant. Live simply in peace.
JJ and I put Disinfo-Nation together in the studio. It was a late edition to the collection. I remember bringing it in and him being. “O....K.... What is this?”
After we stopped laughing we got down to work building it from the ground up. There was no written music to this, just a shitty demo I made at home that was not worth preserving. I figured we'd just go for it.
I knew I wanted it to have drum machine or some kind of drum sample as well as synths and keys to make it feel like a studio creation and obviously fabricated.
First a tempo and a basic beat. Then the bass and some funky keys. We sat on it for a while because it seemed ok but it was kind of boring with only one feel and no other sections or anything. When we returned to work on it, I added the bass line for the feel change in the second half of the song along with the keys. Finally we cleaned up the narration to make George loosely funky.
Despite the lack of a plan, it came together without much trouble and it was a lot of fun working this way. I wouldn't really call it songwriting, more like creative editing and having a laugh.


I'd like to begin with a fact.
The world is a sort of human zoo inhabited by cavemen, the lustiest of animals.
Consider another fact.
Abnormal sex, I've tried it...
It makes you feel real big.
This has become a fetish.
Now you might ask yourself what is fetishism?
Why this sudden concern?
It's smart! It's thrilling! It provides kicks!
You probably think that there couldn't be anything worse...
This is worse. It is called Sex Jungle: A Philosophy.
“I smiled. One of the things that had always cheesed to me a little was that I had no rubber and leather garments. Well, maybe now I'd have my first one.
The laced leather garment, the riding crop, the extreme spiked heel, the tight leather boot, the burning cigarette and all the rest.
An appeal to the sodomist, “Play upon the buttocks!”.”
Nothing is left to the imagination!
What are we alive for except to grab all the kicks we can?
Come join the fun!
Sex. Drinking. Marijuana? Sure. M is good too.
Sexual sadism...
That's another kick.
Strange flagellation cults...
There was something to be said for that.
The pleasure of pain...
The worship of the whip.
That's a kick! Sure... A damn good one. A big kick.
A guy can't ever get enough of that!
But isn't it reasonable to presume that vice is fun.
Compulsive acts of sex ridicule law and authority.
The question is this... Do you want to get sexual satisfaction by an illustrated detailed course in perversion?
Information and advice can be obtained by writing to
“FLOOD TIDE OF FILTH” Box ~ Cincinnati, Ohio.
But now consider another fact...
Filth is engulfing our country in the form of big business.
They are helping to create criminals faster than we can build jails to house them, threatening to pervert an entire generation of our children.
Scientists attribute the moral decay of our people in very large part to big profitable business, foisted upon the people
by a vociferous minority in our society, hardened in cynical contempt of human life.
Devoured by lust for profit.
I wish to advocate their overthrow and wreck them for life.
Psychiatrists believe that prolonged exposure to obscene profit will nevertheless pervert.
At this point my friends, I wish to make it clear that I am talking about perversion of profit.
Today's youth can be enticed to enter the world of business and become a pawn of these misfits.
Big Business do not have the right to contaminate our society.
We must seek to deliver ourselves from this twisting torturing evil.
We must save our nation from decay and our society from within.
Deliver us from evil.


Their submission is inevitable

60ml vodka
30ml grapefruit juice
30ml simple syrup

Shake ingredients together with ice
Strain into a martini glass
Garnish with twist of grapefruit rind
Serve with a riding crop and a safe word