The CrimeTrack

The CrimeTrack is the alter-ego of Wakefield band, Stone Age Man. It is the jazz/funk soundtrack to an imaginary 1970’s crime movie inspired by Laol Schifrin's scores to Dirty Harry and The Big Boss (Bruce Lee) as well as “B grade” grindhouse pictures. Composed by Greg Paul Stone, this instrumental crime suite contains many shifting moods that propel the listener through an imaginary plot.

As each song begins the audience is shown the title of the song to guide their imagination through the action taking place in the “movie” at that point.

As the “plot” progresses the music follows suit, changing gears with dramatic turns and twists. After the ominous opening the songs shift through high energy funk, sleezy country swing, afro-cuban, gospel and dark jazz to bring the listener through the storyline with only the song title and music to guide them.

The CrimeTrack has featured as a warm up act for Stone Age Man shows as well as providing the soundtrack for Theatre Wakefield's 2015 production of "Who Loves Ya' Baby?" - An Improvised Comedy In 3 Acts for Arts Alive Festival, Quebec.

Track Listing
2.High Roller
3.Cowboy Strip Bar
5.Comic Relief
6.The Set Up
7.Car Chase
8.The House On The Hill
9.The Showdown

Bookings and more info
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